Jennifer Aniston's Confession Explains Exactly Why She's Marrying Justin Theroux (VIDEO)

jennifer anistonWho couldn't be happier for Jennifer Aniston? After years of her love life drama playing out in the tabloids, she's finally a bride-to-be again and seems happier than ever with Justin Theroux. There's so much speculation about what things are like between the two behind closed doors, and I have to admit, I've definitely wondered what makes the couple tick.

Well, now we don't really have to wonder anymore, because Jen went on Ellen and revealed the secret to their relationship success: She's "constantly scared" by her fiance!


Haa, no, no, no. It's not what it sounds like. She told Ellen that Justin likes to ambush her around the house when she least expects it. He even has favorite hiding spots. She explains:

He calls it trickery. But he's constantly hiding behind drapes. And I'm constantly scared. It's like, it doesn't get old on me.

Hee hee, too cute! Couples who have their little pranks with one another like this always seem to be the ones who make it last. Yeah, relationships are hard work, commitment, getting serious about the big picture stuff like kids and mortgages and all the mishigas we have no choice but to deal with as grown-ups. But there's really no way to get through any of that without having a more than fair amount of fun also.

Being goofy, silly, ridiculous like it sounds Jen and Justin are with one another can keep things light, romantic, and exciting. It also seems like a quirky form of foreplay ... Hmmmm! With all this buzz about why Jen may have been getting cupping done and now this, maybe there really IS some baby-making going on in the Aniston-Theroux household!? Or, you know, just two almost-weds having a rollicking good time together.

Here's the clip of Jen on Ellen ...

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Do you agree that being goofy, silly, a prankster with your partner keeps your relationship firing on all cylinders?


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