Robert Pattinson's Romantic Gesture for Kristen Stewart Can Only Mean One Thing

kristen stewart robert pattinsonWhen Kristen Stewart turned 23 earlier this month, the birthday gift Robert Pattinson was rumored to have given her was a ridiculously overpriced ($40K!), totally unromantic PEN.  But wait. There was supposedly more. A gift that sounds truly thoughtful, sentimental and screams "I want to marry you some point!" According to a source in OK! magazine, "Rob gave Kristen his grandmother’s treasured pearl ring."

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Does that mean what we think it does? Oh, no. He didn't exactly deliver it on bended knee. The source explains, “[Rob] just casually wrapped it in tissue, but it in an envelope and slipped it into her mailbox. No note, no words, just the ring."

Apparently, Kristen knew the weight and significance of the gift without Rob having to spell it out for her ...


The source, however, spells it out for us: "It was a huge statement on Rob’s part symbolizing his full forgiveness of Kristen and his renewed trust in her future." Awwww.

I buy it. Especially because being given a family heirloom type piece like this is a really freakin' big deal! That's not to say that it isn't wonderful to receive any kind of gift or jewelry specifically from your S.O.! But there's something about a hand-me-down, especially from someone who holds a special place in their heart.

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When my fiance proposed last year, he gave me his grandmother's stone. I absolutely love it not only because it symbolizes our commitment, but because it has so much history unto itself and played a part in his grandparents' long-lived, happy marriage. Of course that makes it even more valuable to both of us.

Kristen will likely treasure this pearl ring similarly. And it also seems safe to say if Rob's entrusting her with it, he may have another ring in mind for her down the road.

How do you feel about heirloom pieces like this pearl ring? Do they carry extra value, sentiment to you?



Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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