Kim Kardashian's 'Fake Honeymoon' Should Have Been a Clue That Things Wouldn't Last

Kim KardashianThe writing is on the wall if you don't want to accompany your own new husband on your honeymoon. And that, apparently, was the case with Kim Kardashian -- according to her husband. Some alone time with Kris Humphries on the Amalfi Coast was about as welcome as a root canal, claims a source. Kim apparently claimed she was too stressed out and tired to honeymoon with her new hubby. But isn't that what a honeymoon is all about? Relaxing after the sturm und drang of planning a massive wedding? Which, you know, Kim didn't plan anyway?


The source spills:

Kris was the one to push for the honeymoon. Kim didn’t want to go on the honeymoon because they were scheduled to move to New York City to begin filming Kourtney & Kim Take New York. She also complained she was stressed out from planning the wedding. Kris was stunned and very hurt because it was important to him that they go away. Remember, he wasn’t playing basketball at the time because of the NBA strike, and they wouldn’t be able to take one for a year. Kim finally relented.

Sheesh, if you have to "relent" to go on your own honeymoon, then there is trouble in paradise. The world already knows that Kim knew that, given that she's said she felt compelled to go through with a wedding she didn't really want, and then she filed for divorce a couple of months after the nuptials.

Caveat to newlyweds -- if your spouse doesn't seem enthused about a honeymoon, be on guard. Like maybe with a good lawyer on file.

The source also claims that despite Kim's reluctance to go on an intimate getaway with her new hubby, she still wanted to be photographed doing it, and hired someone to take their picture while they were sunning in Italy. Hard to believe that a year later, Kim is still married to Kris, but pregnant with Kanye's baby. (Well, not really hard to believe, actually.)

Granted, Kris is in the midst of trying to prove that Kim lured him into a fake TV wedding, and this gossip probably came from his camp, so who knows exactly what happened. But those pap shots certainly did look suspicously like Kim was posing.

Do you think Kim was in love with Kris?


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