Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries May Finally Settle Their Bitter Divorce

kim kardashian kris humphriesPeople of Earth, the end is near! The end of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' divorce dispute, that is. TMZ is reporting that they could settle their divorce as early as tomorrow. So soon? But I haven't finished composing my Kim-Kris divorce ballad.

Recall that this ain't no ordinary celeb divorce. Kris is accusing Kim of fraud and just wants the marriage annulled. Kim wants a regular, vanilla divorce. Here's why Kim may get her way in the end.

  • Kris signed a prenup stipulating that if the case goes to trial, he won't get a dime.
  • Apparently Kris and his lawyers have failed to come up with actual proof of fraud.
  • Kris has built up some bad legal karma with his would-be divorce judge by not showing up for the last hearing.
  • If the case goes to court and Kim wins, she reportedly plans to ask the judge to make Kris pay her legal fees. Ouch!

I mean, why did he ever think he had a case against Kim in the first place? Oh -- I guess because the marriage lasted a couple of weeks and he was all caught up in the TV drama of it all and, uh, what just happened?!? But still. Prenups are pretty tough to beat, and she is the daughter of the guy who got O.J. Simpson off for murder. Her family kinda knows what they're doing in a courtroom.

Sources say, "Kris is opening his eyes a little bit, and what he sees doesn't look good." Well geez, man, why did it take you so long to open your damn eyes? Couldn't you see how this was all going to shake out from the get-go?

Anyway, since 72 days is not long enough accumulate much in the way of communal property, Kris is likely to get nada out of the settlement anyway. But that's better than walking away with bills for two people's legal fees and the mocking jeers of Kardashian Nation. Really, it's net-zero vs. totally in the hole.

I guess sparing Kim's unborn child the stress of a divorce trial wasn't incentive enough for Kris. But a financial ass-whupping, now that's motivating Kris. I guess we'll see! No promises that they'll settle tomorrow, but sooner than later seems likely.

Why do you think it's taken Kris so long to accept defeat?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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