Ryan Seacrest’s Crush on Selena Gomez Makes Us Really Uncomfortable

ryan seacrest. selena gomezSome Hollywood romances are easy to understand. Brad and Angelina. Ben & Jen. Hell, I even get Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Though rumors of the latest potential celebrity coupling have me baffled and -- to be honest -- a little bit nauseated. According to the National Enquirer, Ryan Seacrest has the hots for Selena Gomez. Creepy right?


Considering the source, you may want to take this story with a grain of salt. Although stranger things have happened. (Need I remind you of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley!) Nevertheless, insiders say the 38-year-old media mogul set his sights on the 20-year-old singer after she was a guest on his radio show. Apparently she was wearing one of her post-Disney, super-sexy get-ups and he reportedly told friends he wanted to ask her out on a date.

This comes not long after his breakup with longtime girlfriend Julianne Hough. Not that I expected the guy to stay single for long. Celeb relationships tend to be a string of rebound romances these days. However, I was surprised by his choice. Selena seems entirely too young for him. And it goes beyond their 18-year age difference. She is just starting to grow up and come into her own as a young woman. And wouldn't he feel weird about following up Justin Bieber?

My hope is that this is just a lot of hype. The pair have been friends for years and maybe they will stay that way. But the article goes on to say that Ryan has already approached Selena's people about it. Supposedly he went through a rep to avoid being directly shot down. If he does, in fact, have a thing for Selena, it will probably happen. Not sure what ingénue would turn down one of the most powerful men in entertainment. So I'll be putting my money on a new romance even if it does totally gross me out.

Do you think Ryan and Selena will get together?


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