Lisa Vanderpump’s Topless Past Comes Back to Haunt Her

lisa vanderpumpThere are skeletons in every Housewives' closet, and Lisa Vanderpump is no exception, sadly (or happily if you like boobs). A clip from Killer's Moon, a cheesy horror flick Vanderpump starred in in the '70s, reveals a topless Lisa Vanderpump. Straight up. No bra. No silky lingerie thingie. Just her boobs. And I've gotta say: Lisa shouldn't be too embarrassed. Don't mean to get weird here, but -- her boobs are nice!


Okay, so, save for Brandi Glanville, most moms wouldn't be thrilled that their boobs from another life were all over the Internet for their kids and friends to see. And I'm sure, initially, Lisa was feeling mildly silly for the overall cheesiness of the film (a group of insane asylum inmates terrorize a group of schoolgirls -- yeah). But they're just boobs! And it was a long time ago. It isn't like she pulled a Farrah Abraham and hired a porn star to shoot a sex tape with her. It was during her "acting career".

If anyone's going to be cool with this, and handle it gracefully, it's Lisa. I imagine if she's ever asked about it on Watch What Happens Live, she'll give some cheeky quintessential response, punctuated with her signature throaty, British laugh.

Damn you, Lisa Vanderpump. You really can do no wrong, can you? I think it's your accent. Or maybe it's Giggy.

What do you think of Lisa's topless scene?

Image via Splash

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