Kim Kardashian Reportedly Collapses: What Does This Mean for Her & the Baby?

kim kardashianWhat should be a joyous time is turning into a total nightmare for Kim Kardashian. Ever since she announced that she and boyfriend Kanye West were expecting their first baby in July, she's faced one personal disaster after another. Now OK Magazine is reporting that Kim has collapsed and the reason why is just so sad.


It's no secret that the reality star has been under a crazy amount of pressure. Desperate to get her divorce from Kris Humphries finalized, she has been in and out of court pushing for a resolution. However, her ex seems intent on drawing out the process and making her as miserable as possible. He even skipped a mandatory court appearance last week.

Though that's not the reason for her latest heartbreak. Kim reportedly has been "very upset" about a huge fight she had with Kanye. Apparently the rapper, who has been working in France, hasn't been spending enough time with her and plans to go on tour soon. The source went on to say that a distraught Kim told him she didn't want to marry him if he wasn't going to be there to support her and the baby emotionally. Then, while telling mom Kris Jenner about the argument, she "collapsed in tears," according to the magazine.

I certainly can't blame her for getting upset. Her hormones are out of whack and she's more fragile than ever. As materialistic as Kim may seem, she knows that raising a child right requires more than just a big bank account. She wants her baby to have both parents there and she fears that is not a priority for Kanye. She is just looking for reassurance and support, not unlike any other expectant moms. But she needs to find some way to relax over the last few months of her pregnancy, for her sake and the baby's.

Do you think Kanye will be as supportive as Kim would like?


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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