Kate Middleton Receives Sexy 'Pregnancy' Lingerie as a Gift -- Shh! Don't Tell the Queen

Kate MiddletonOoh-la-la! Queen Elizabeth should probably cover her ears so she doesn't hear about this -- Kate Middleton received pregnancy lingerie as a gift, and she's reportedly "delighted" with her new unmentionables. (Gasp!)

Designer Lorna Drew, of Lorna Drew Nursing Lingerie, sent Kate an ivory satin Alexa bra and brief, and also an Amy bra and brief in a rose pattern. Both are from her latest collection, and she had a good reason for why she thought the Duchess of Cambridge needed to add a little flavor to her undergarments.


She told Marie Claire, "I know Kate would be feeling pretty dreadful and thought that she could do with special gift, as nothing makes you feel great like beautiful lingerie, so we sent her some. Kate's style is very elegant, she always looks feminine and chic, so I knew she would love our nursing bras and knickers."

At first, I thought it was kind of bold for this woman to send something as intimate as lingerie to Kate, but then I thought about my own experience with wanting to feel sexy during pregnancy, and I totally understood why she made the gesture.

Let's cut to the chase -- there's really nothing remotely sexy about being pregnant. You gain weight. You get hemorrhoids. You swell up like a balloon. And your regular clothes don't fit anymore. Sometimes a cute bra and pretty pair of panties are all an expectant gal has as far as maintaining her sexiness goes -- so why should Kate Middleton feel any different?

Ok, back to my own pregnancy and the tiny bit of sexy I clung to like glue for the entire nine months -- my Hanky Panky thong underwear. Yes, you heard me right. I wore thongs right up until the day I delivered. I was so huge during my pregnancy that my bra band size went up to a 40 -- so there was absolutely no way I was about to surrender my sexy, lacy undies in favor of granny panties.

Hanging onto my thongs made me feel good about myself, and I'm guessing Kate probably feels the same way about the feminine lingerie that was sent to her. Royal and proper or not, she's still a woman -- and she deserves a little sexiness during her pregnancy just like anyone else. (Even though Her Majesty probably shudders at the thought.)

What have you worn to feel sexy during your pregnancy?


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