Kim Kardashian Singing on Kanye West's Album Is the Best News Since Her Pregnancy

kim kardashianThere might not be another rumor out there that I hope to be true more than this one. I want it to be real so badly, I prayed to the gods of entertainment news begging them to shine their light of truthiness all over this. Because if Kim Kardashian really is going to sing on Kanye West's album, my heart might explode with joy.


Media Take Out is saying that our Kim is going to sing an interlude or part of the intro of a song on Kanye's upcoming album. Mr. West has been hard at work in Paris avoiding the shit storm that is his girlfriend's pregnancy working on his record, and it sounds like the only thing missing would be the final touch of Kim's vocals laid down on a track or two.

First of all, we all know Kris Jenner is behind this move. If Kim's on the album, Kim gets royalties, and Kris gets paid. Second of all, we all also know that Kim can't sing. She even admitted it herself on an episode of one of their millions of reality TV shows -- she was in the studio wearing fur shoulder pads and made a song "for charity." Remember that? It was awesome. She sucked, and she knew it.

With Kris' game playing and Kim's lack of vocal talent in mind, why the hell would Kanye agree to let her sing? Because they're just that egomaniacal.

And if they're insane enough to let Kim try and carry a tune, it makes me excited that this could be the first step in their inevitable fall from the throne we've thrust them upon. The move would be so annoying and so obnoxious that surely, surely, we couldn't possibly continue to pay any attention to these fools.

Right? Here's praying.

How would you feel if Kim sang on Kanye's album?


Photo via The Guise Archives/Flickr

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