LeAnn Rimes Denies Anorexia Rumors But Her Excuse Holds No Weight

leann rimesRumors of an eating disorder first popped up for LeAnn Rimes after she entered rehab last year. She brushed them off, of course, attributing her stint at the facility to needing to recuperate from stress and anxiety. Still, as she continues to fluctuate between rail thin and scary skinny, talk of eating issues persists. Well, the country crooner hopes a new interview with London's Daily Mail will finally squash the weight talk. LeAnn denies she has anorexia, though the reason she gives for her tiny physique isn't convincing many folks.



She claims to eats "a ton all the time" and could eat hubby Eddie Cibrian "under the table." So the reason she sometimes looks so emaciated? Her sleeping habits.

"...I was going through a time when I just wasn't sleeping -- my mind wouldn't shut off and my heart was breaking."

Lack of sleep can certainly cause a lot of health problems -- head fog, confusion, inability to concentrate. But many people wonder if not getting your zzz's can really make you lose that much weight. In fact, studies say people who sleep less often weigh more. Sleep deprivation can increase levals of a hormone that increases your appetite and actually makes your crave carbs! So I am not sure I buy her explanation.

However, the fact that she was (and continues to be) under an extreme amount of stress probably played a role. Think about what this poor girl's life has been like for the last couple of years. While shooting a TV movie, she has an affair with costar Eddie Cibrian, thus destroying her marriage and his. She is villainized by his ex Brandi Glanville at every turn and she is constantly being attacked on Twitter. It's no wonder she described that time of her life as a "turbulent" one. And it seems as though things are still shaky for the star. However, she also said she is in a better place overall and reported that she's gained a few pounds. Let's just hope things keep moving up in other aspects of her life too.

Do you think it's unfair the way LeAnn has been villainized since getting together with Eddie Cibrian?


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