Amanda Bynes Posts Video Clip of Truly Disturbing Behavior (VIDEO)

amanda bynesIf you weren't worried about Amanda Bynes before, you probably will be now. The onetime sweet teen star has made headlines recently for increasingly erratic behavior, from strange tweets to showing up to a gym class in lingerie. In her latest stunt, she has posted a bizarre video of herself online and it's disturbing to say the least. Take a look.


In the one-minute clip uploaded to, the actress is made up to look like a mix between Courtney Stodden and Phyllis Diller. It's just odd. But that's not the most alarming part. With DJ Encore's "I See Right Through You" playing in the background, Amanda is filming her reflection in what appears to be a bathroom mirror. She is making what can only be described as a fish face while batting her eyes and nodding her head. At one point the screen goes black, but she pops up again to continue filming herself. It's crazy.

Weird, right? Many viewers thought so. Bynes responded to one critic with a rant on TwitPlus, calling the video "perfection" and that she's not doing anything wrong. She's right though. It's not wrong, it's more strange than anything. As someone who has been a fan since her days on Nickelodeon, I can't help but be concerned. It seems as though things are getting worse and worse. I have to wonder if this creepy behavior is a cry for help. I have no idea what has turned the once cute, perky, and even-keeled star into someone I would probably cross the street to avoid. But it's time that a loved one or close friend intervene to find out exactly what is wrong and how to get her back on track.

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Are you troubled by Amanda's behavior?

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