Sean Parker's 'Game of Thrones' Wedding Details Revealed & They're Insane

Sean ParkerSo we've already talked about how Sean Parker, a gazillionaire who was one of the pioneers of Facebook, was hoping to have a fantasy-themed, Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings-type wedding in June. Even more details are coming out about the insane amount of money and planning that are going into these nuptials, and you just won't believe 'em. And you most likely fall in either one of two camps: Dude's plenty rich, let him do what he wants with his money ... or, holy shit, this is absolutely ridiculous, there are starving children out there!

Whatever you may believe, in order to grant you a few mere minutes of escapism (and who couldn't use that nowadays?), let's pretend as if we were all invited to the wedding that will put every single other wedding to shame. Yes, even yours. Seriously, were there custom-built fake ruins at your wedding? Didn't think so.


The 34-year-old is reportedly shelling out almost $9 million to make this fantasy wedding a reality. If you have a chance to visit Ventana Inn in Big Sur, California, come June 1, you may wanna check out the scene (if they'll even let you nearby!). Sounds like it'll be an event that anyone in the Seven Kingdoms would envy.

Details for this, can we even call it a wedding, include, according to The Daily Mail:

  • Fake ruins, waterfalls, bridges, ponds, and a gated cottage in the nearby woods
  • Save-the-dates that look like wizard scrolls
  • Guests will wear their own costumes, which will be designed specifically for each of them
  • $600,000 gate
  • $350,000 dance floor (what the heck is this made out of, Valyrian steel??)
  • $1 million in plants and flowers
  • The costume designer from The Lord of the Rings has been hired to create wigs for the guests (and apparently you won't be able to get in unless you wear one!)

Go big or go home ... right? But the saddest thing is that TMZ reports that all of this will go into the trash immediately after the nuptials. You'd think that they could leave that up all summer for kids or other guests to enjoy, wouldn't you? Guess Sean and his fiancee Alexandra Lenas are taking that whole "unique" wedding thing to an extreme level.

Still, um, congrats to the happy couple, and good luck to them for pulling off what sounds like will be the ultimate geeky fantasy wedding of the century. A source even said, "There is a chance the wedding could end up looking like an episode of 'Game of Thrones.'" Hopefully there will be plenty of wine, which will do Tyrion Lannister proud. And that there won't be any, you know, beheadings, incest, Hounds, or White Walkers.

What do you think of this wedding theme? Pretty awesome or way too over the top?


Image via Jklamo/Wikimedia Commons

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