‘Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak & Melissa Gorga Wear the SAME DRESS (PHOTOS)

melissa gorgaHoly mother of prevailing taste, two Real Housewives were caught wearing the same dress. Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Melissa Gorga from New Jersey both rocked a green Stella McCartney gown within a few weeks of one another. Kim chose the look for the Atlanta reunion and Melissa went with the gown for a Bravo event aimed to lure in advertisers.

The belted contour dress retails for just over $5,100, so a lot of money is riding on this oh so important question: who wore it better?




rh dress

Here we have Melissa on the right and Kim on the left.

The quality of the photo aside, I think I gotta give the best-dressed award to Kim. I'm sure it's easy for Melissa to look good in anything, but Kim's gotta try a little harder since she, like most of us, probably has some areas on her body she wants to play up or down, and this dress was a great selection.

Her breasts look good (ENORMOUS, but good), her waist looks really trim, her arms look fit, and from watching the show, I could tell that she moved with confidence. She was looking good, so she was feeling good.

Plus, she's not wearing a wig, so props to her on that amazing accomplishment, as well.

Melissa's over-the-top tan and makeup make the dress look cheesy, while Kim keeps it real, and real natural. Ms. Gorga also added a leg slit, which is just slightly obnoxious. It takes it from a classic Stella to something I wouldn't be surprised was made by Alexis Couture. Oof. Wonder what's going to happen to that line this year.

Who do you think wore it better?


Photos via Splash News; Bravo

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