Sorry, Justin Bieber -- Selena Gomez Is Crushing on a Major Hollywood Hottie (VIDEO)

selena gomez ellen degeneresJustin who?! Yeah, you can officially stop worrying about heartbroken Selena Gomez and how she's coping with the catastrophic Justin Bieber Breakup, because guess what? Selena Gomez is GREAT. She is fantastic. Don't cry for Selena Gomez, Argentina (or any other place). The 21-year-old star seemed perfectly fine -- better than ever, in fact -- when she sat down with Ellen DeGeneres yesterday to talk about performing at the MTV Movie Awards and an unexpected encounter with BRAD PITT.


That's right, Brad Effing Pitt! Apparently Gomez started freaking out when she learned that Brad Pitt would be seated in the front row, watching her sing. "I was like, 'No! I don't want to perform!' I was so nervous," she told DeGeneres.

But of course she did, being the pro that she is -- and then she got the news that Pitt wanted to meet her backstage!!!

I was in my dressing room and I had just finished performing and they knocked on my door and said, "Brad Pitt would like to come in," and I was like, "Well, he could come in" and I was trying to play cool and act nice and then as soon as he walked out I ran and hid under the craft services table for like two minutes because I couldn't believe it was happening.

How cuuuute! She's clearly not suffering from lack of The Biebs. Which, of course, Ellen brought up: "I know you want to talk about you and Bieber not being together anymore. I know that's important to you, so ... go ahead."

Said Gomez: "I met Brad Pitt, I'm great!"

The interaction is priceless -- watch here:

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Clearly Gomez won't be lonely for long.

Who do you think Ellen DeGeneres should fix Selena Gomez up with?


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