Matt Damon's Plans to Renew His Vows Can Teach Us All Something About Love

matt damonEveryone has been buzzing about how Matt Damon and wife Luciana renewed their wedding vows in the Caribbean this past week. It is an amazing feat, to be sure. First of all, not many couples (especially in Hollywood) make it to year seven. Everyone has also marveled about how lavish the whole affair was. The actor rented out St. Lucia's Sugar Beach resort for three days (which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars) and invited a bunch of A-list friends. They really did it right, but not for the reasons you may think.


It had less to do with how much money you have (and we know they have tons) and more to do with it reflecting your personality and life together. For Matt and Luciana, that meant hitting a secluded destination (free of paparazzi) and having funnyman Jimmy Kimmel officiate. If you hadn’t noticed, the Good Will Hunting star is somewhat of a ham himself. And they kept the festivities pretty casual, having guests wear comfy clothes in shades of white for the ceremony. Matt even wore flip-flops with his tan-colored suit.

For others, the ideal vow renewal could involve re-tying the knot at a baseball stadium, taking your kids on a cruise, doing it atop the Empire State building. To be honest, the possibilities are endless. For this kind of thing, you don't comb through bridal magazines to find inspiration. At the risk of sounding hokey -- you are better off doing a bit of soul-searching. How did you meet? What drew you together? Was there a hobby or activity you bonded over?

Those are all questions I am pondering myself right now. My husband and I are hitting our 10-year anniversary in a few months and we’ve even toyed with a few unique ways to celebrate. Perhaps we'll go back to the most romantic vacation spot we visited -- Venice. Or maybe we will have a big family celebration. We want to commemorate this amazing milestone in some way, we are just not sure how. We only know that we want it to be meaningful to both of us. That would make it an even more cherished and fun memory, don't you think?

How would you ideally like to renew your vows?


Image via Siebbi/Flickr

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