Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Now Married Since They Were Caught Holding Hands in Public

kristen stewart robert pattinsonLook no further if you want proof that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are in fact back on. The Twilight lovers made their way through crowds of fringy vests, neon Ray-Ban sunglasses, and "vintage" concert t's over the weekend at Coachella -- holding hands. Yep. Heard it here first. Unless you were there, in which case, heard it here second.

Now. When's the wedding?


I'm thinking some time next May would be nice. It's not too hot then, yet they can still exchange their vows outside. Ooh, they should totally do one of those long farm table set-ups. Maybe haphazardly drape a bunch of mismatched tablecloths over it. Different sized candles. And they should ask some of their guests -- not all of them -- to wear fedoras. (Shot by Mario Testino, obvs.) It will all be very Free People.

No, but, seriously. Rob and Kristen were holding hands, guys. That's huge! They may as well just have had sex on the ground right then and there for all to see. They're back together! Officially. No more wondering "are they or aren't they?" Talk about resting easy tonight, folks. All is right in the world again. 

Until we see them in a photo not holding hands. Then the wedding's off and they hate each other. And Kristen's a lesbian.

Thoughts on Rob and Kristen holding hands?


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