Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Reportedly Separated & We Refuse to Believe It

Sharon osbourneCould Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne be getting -- gulp -- a divorce?! Several outlets are reporting that the couple have been living apart for weeks, and Sharon was just photographed moving into a new home. Could this be true???!!! Beyond the moving, both of them have recently been photographed without their wedding rings. Married for 31 years, the couple have been through more in three decades than most could go through in 100 years. But they've always seemed like they were still madly in love. Dysfunctional love maybe, but love.


They met when Sharon was merely 18 years old. She became Ozzy's manager and married him a few years later. The pair have three children -- two of whom, Jack and Kelly, became famous on the MTV show The Osbournes.

Okay, they've hardly had an ideal marriage. Ozzy was once arrested for attempted murder after trying to strangle Sharon while he was drugged up. Ozzy was on the crazy train there for quite a long time. But they always seem to work it out in some weird way.

But the past few years have been rough. Sharon had breast cancer and a double mastectomy. Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Kelly has lately had seizures. Ozzy burned his hand in a house fire and has long had tremors. Whew. This family is the very definition of "for better or worse." Writing all of that, it's kind of amazing they've stayed together this long, now that I think about it.

But Ozzy has always come across like he wouldn't be able to function at all without Sharon and she always comes across like she couldn't live without him. Could they really be breaking up??

Maybe Sharon and Ozzy just need a little break from each other. Who could blame them? Three decades plus all of this drama = relationship burnout. But something tells me they'll work it out in the end. Perhaps this will be a nice marriage refresher for them.

Do you think Sharon and Ozzy are just on a break?


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