Kim Kardashian Looked Like a Hot Mom-to-Be at MTV Movie Awards (PHOTO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian is a great-looking lady, but let's be honest here: Her pregnancy style has left something to be desired. Save for a few momentary non-lapses in judgment, Kim has been trying to dress exactly the same way she dresses when she's not pregnant, and it's not working. Jumpsuits + Pregnancy = No. Sheer + Pregnancy = No. However, Kim's look at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards was absolutely gorgeous. More of this please!


Let's do a quick rundown of Kim's look, and why it's perfect for pregnancy. One, it's black. Black is every pregnant woman's best friend, as it's both slimming and chic. Two, it isn't super tight. Now, I love when a pregnant woman wears something tight and shows off her beautiful bump, but let's get real: Every day, Kim looks uncomfortable in her insanely fitted clothes. She looks like she can breathe here. She doesn't look like she can't wait to go home and put on sweats. And three, her heels. Her heels aren't of stilt-height here. They're normal pumps. Very stylish, but normal. In summation, Kim looks great, and should continue doing whatever she's doing here.

Oh, one critique, though! Kim, why don't you smile, girl? It's easy. Turn each corner of your mouth upward. Toward the sky. The whole sultry, Blue Steel-look is cool and all, but when you're pregnant, it gets a little weird. And hey, you're having a baby! That's reason to smile!

What did you think of Kim's look at the MTV Movie Awards?


Image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

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