Hugh Jackman's Stalker Attacks Him With … Oh God, It’s Too Gross to Say (VIDEO)

Hugh JackmanI can't begin to imagine what it's like to be a celebrity and have people noticing you wherever you go. I get uncomfortable when I have to make eye contact with the grocery store clerk for more than three seconds, so, you know, it sounds kind of awful to me. I suppose stars must get used to the gasping and and staring and autograph-begging, but on the rare occasion that fan behavior truly crosses the line -- as what happened to Hugh Jackman over the weekend -- I wonder if it makes them want to abandon their A-lister career forever.

Jackman's unpleasant fan encounter happened at Gotham Gym on Saturday, and it might just be the strangest and creepiest celebrity stalker incident I've ever heard of. Being as how it involved a woman attacking him … with an electric razor full of her own pubic hair.


Apparently Jackman was working out at his gym on Saturday when Kathleen Thurston, 47, allegedly ran past the front desk, weeping and screaming that she loved him. Jackman did his best to calm the situation, asking Thurston not to touch him, but when a gym employee tried to physically detain her, she pulled an electric razor filled with hair out of her waistband and tossed it at Jackman.

Not just any hair, either. Down there hair. 

Thurston was apprehended by police a couple blocks away, and reportedly said to a cop, "I hated him having those whiskers."

This would all be a little funny, maybe, except for the part where she has reportedly been stalking Jackman for a long time. A month before the razor incident, Thurston approached Jackman's wife and 7-year-old daughter and announced, “I am going to marry your husband." Worse, Jackman has reportedly seen the woman before outside of his daughter’s New York elementary school.

Yeah, that's officially frightening. As is what she told NYPD Detective Frank Francisco when she was arrested on Saturday:

I want to marry him. This is not against the law. It is not against the law to have two wives.

Here's a video with photos of Kathleen Thurston appearing in court:

Thurston was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on misdemeanor charges of menacing, stalking, harassment and trespassing, and she's also charged with criminal possession of a weapon for wielding that grody razor.

As for Jackman, he admits that the encounter rattled him, but he also pointed out that Thurston may not have been in her right mind:

I suppose for me the primary concern is my family, obviously. But, you know, here's a woman who obviously needs help, so I just hope she gets the help she needs.

For both of their sakes, I hope she does too. This is a scary story, and one that easily could have had a more tragic ending.

Is this the weirdest fan incident you've heard of, or what?

Image via Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer/Flickr

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