'Fat' Taylor Lautner Mocking MTV's Shirtless Actor Award Is Almost Sad (VIDEO)

Taylor Lautner MTV Movie Awards 2013Twilight fans, if you're worried that Taylor Lautner will never get past the whole "shirtless" actor thing and break on through to the other side where his buddy Robert Pattinson is finding work, join the club. You'll be in fine company alongside, well, Taylor Lautner, who won Best Shirtless Performance at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards tonight.

Yes, TayLaut was up against the likes of Mr. Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum, and he did Team Jacob proud. He brought home the golden popcorn bucket.

But don't you pity him. Uh uh.

He's survived breaking up with Taylor Swift. This guy can survive anything. Just consider how he responded to being objectified by the masses on MTV.


Our boy walked right up onto that stage with a huge cup of soda in one hand and his shirt stuffed to make it appear that he'd put on a good 25 pounds (or more). And then he let the world have it with his confession:

I turned 21 recently. I've been drinking a little bit, eating a little bit, a little too much drinking probably ... You know, that picture was actually taken a few years ago. Those were the good old days. You could actually bounce a quarter off those things.

For us shirtless actors out there, this is like winning the Oscar. This is as high as it gets, this is the shirtless Oscar. Thank you everyone. For all of us that do take our shirts off, McConaughey, Tatum, Lena Dunham ... this is the best.

OK, I take it back. Maybe we should pity him a little bit, not for where he is in life, but how unfair it all is. 

Maybe you had to actually be watching to catch his tone, but Taylor completely mocked the ridiculousness of his award -- and what's happened to his career -- with the perfect mix of sarcasm and humor.

It was funny and charming, and exactly why most on Team Jacob love them some TayLaut. He's got a gorgeous abdominal section, but this young actor is also genuine.

The fact is, he went onstage and kind of thumbed his nose at the organization and fans giving him an award, but he managed to do it in a way that made you want to give him a big hug and slap him on the back while doing it. That's not easy.

Lautner is not bitter. He's honest about what has become of his acting career since the Twilight saga. And he's showing just how sad it is by driving home how good an actor he can really be! Kristen Stewart may not be able to bite her lip out of a paper bag, but she's still getting roles right and left. Then there's Taylor, who has quite the comedic range, and he's still "the shirtless guy."

It's almost sad.

Thank goodness he knows how to make us laugh.

What did you think of Taylor's little gag when he went up to accept his award for taking his shirt off? Check out how it went down:


Image via Kevork Djansezian/Getty

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