Psy Debuts 'Gentleman' as Follow-Up to 'Gangnam Style' but Don't Let the Title Fool You (VIDEO)

psy gentleman

Considering how quickly his first hit, "Gangnam Style", became a household name, standard line dance at weddings, and everything in between, it's not surprising that Korean pop star Psy's new video, "Gentleman", has everyone buzzing this morning.

Yes, it's catchy. And yes, it has a few easy to follow, trademark dance moves to go along with it.

But don't let the title of the song fool you. I know it's meant to be comical, and all -- but "Gentleman" is actually a bit on the raunchy side.

Translation -- I was grossed out a couple times while viewing it.


Can't stand the suspense any longer? Here's the video.


Ok, so some of it is kind of funny -- but the part where Psy farted on his hand and proceeded to shove it in an unsuspecting woman's face? Yeah, I gagged a little bit. (That's just wrong.)

And how about when he fondled a mannequin, and then later tried to pull off a sunbather's bikini top? (That's just nasty.)

And don't even get me started on pulling out women's chairs to make them fall flat on their butts.

All I can say is that I hope "Gentleman" doesn't take off the way "Gangnam Style" did and inspire young men to start treating the women in their lives like total crap all for the sake of a few laughs. Oh come on -- you know we're going to hear about some poor girl who had her chair pulled out from under her at her high school prom.

(Thanks, Psy.)

What do you think of "Gentleman?"


Image via officialpsy/YouTube

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