Kim Kardashian's Divorce Drama Takes Another Frustrating Turn

Kim KardashianGrrr! Will it ever end? Kim Kardashian's divorce hearing didn't go remotely close to how she hoped yesterday, as estranged husband Kris Humphries was a no-show, thus leaving her with no divorce settlement -- meaning she's still married to the dude.

Considering the hearing was mandatory, Kris may find himself in hot water over his failure to show up. Superior Court Judge Hank Goldberg has scheduled a hearing for April 19th to determine whether to sanction him for not appearing. The trial date for the divorce is still set for May 6th.

But even though Kim had to be absolutely irate that nothing was settled yesterday, she still kept her cool -- and even maintained a sense of humor about the whole deal.


Kim was escorted into court by security through a back entrance, and she looked quite conservative in a pair of white pants and grey and white patterned jacket. She reportedly sat in the jury box with her hands folded in her lap and joked, "I always wanted to be a juror."

As for why Humphries skipped out on the court appearance, a source told E! News there was some sort of delay or cancellation with his flight to Los Angeles. (Um, yeah. Ok.)

Ugh. As you can tell from the annoyed look on Kim's face as she walked out of the building, it doesn't look like she's going to get out of this marriage without the case going to trial. I'm sure she was hoping and praying that she and Kris would reach some sort of a settlement yesterday and she'd finally be done with the ordeal. I mean, hasn't she waited long enough to kick this guy to the curb once and for all? (Gah.)

But hey, at least she looked great, right? She may still be hitched to Kris Humphries, but there's no way anyone is going to give her a hard time about her choice of courtroom attire. (Every girl deserves a break now and and then.)

Do you think Kim and Kris would've reached a settlement if he'd actually shown up yesterday?


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