Tom Cruise Bans Reporters From 'Oblivion' Movie Because He's Not Controlling At ALL

Tom CruiseWasn't not that long ago that I was actually feeling sorry for Tom Cruise? He confessed that he was blindsided by Katie Holmes filing for divorce and he actually seemed, you know, a bit human? But TC is up to his old controlling ways again -- this time with the media. He reportedly banned several media outlets from the red carpet at the premiere of his new movie, Oblivion. Tom, you don't want your movie to be not be mentioned in the press. Otherwise, you are likely to be headed back to oblivion, m'dear.


Tom is supposedly particularly angry with magazines that ran negative stories last year about Suri or Scientology -- especially The Hollywood Reporter, which has written over 20 negative Scientology stories. He also apparently banned US Weekly, Life & Style, and In Touch.

He sued the publisher of the last two magazines for a story that claimed he'd "abandoned" Suri. Which he didn't because he still sees her at least one week a year, y'all! Kidding, Tom. Don't sue me, okay?

Anyway, Tom has had some major flops over the past few years, including Rock of Ages and Jack Reacher, and he shouldn't be so high and mighty. Tom, you're a star. And your kid is in the press 24/7 because Katie and Suri live in the middle of paparazzi central in Manhattan. And Scientology is a weird religion that is full of celebrities. Did you think tabloids wouldn't write about any of this?!

Tom, aren't you like, L. Ron Hubbard's chosen one or something? Don't you secretly rule the world? Then who cares about some tabloids? Use your powers for good, not pettiness. Can you imagine life at Tom's house? No, Katie, you can't invite Suzy and Billy over because I heard they did NOT like my last movie!

Anyway, I'm pretty shocked by all of this because I did NOT think TC was the controlling type. Haha. Joke. You saw how Katie Holmes looked when she first got out of the marriage, didn't you? Like someone who had grown eyes in the back of her head?

Does Tom have a right to ban tabloids or since he's a star should he just suck it up?

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