'Mad Men: The Collaborators' Preview: What Happens When Jon Hamm Directs Don Draper? (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Apr 13, 2013 Celebrities

don draperMad Men fans got the answers to a few burning questions last week -- namely, the biggie about Don's fidelity! -- but many still remain. Tomorrow, we'll get our first glimpse at early 1968 in episode 3, entitled "The Collaborators," which was directed by Jon Hamm himself. (This marks the second episode he's helmed.)

Looks like we'll be playing catch-up two characters who were basically wallpaper in the premiere: Joan and Pete. Pete looks particularly miserable in the episode preview ... And hey, look, there's Trudy! Hamm recently raved about a scene he did with Vincent Kartheiser and Alison Brie, so I'm sure we're gonna get some Campbell household drama.

But that can't possibly be all that's in store. Here, several sneak peek pics from the upcoming episode and some guesses at what we can expect to transpire ...

Image via AMC

  • Peggy in charge?


    Image via Ron Jaffe/AMC

    Looks like we'll see Peggy continuing to shine at her new firm, likely "struggling to motivate the staff" (to quote the episode synposis) and/or putting out another kind of fire, like she did last week.

  • Don on his own


    Image via Michael Yarish/AMC

    The synposis of the episode notes that "Don has a disagreement with a client," so perhaps this still is before or after that conflict arises ... Looks like it's also more imagery playing on the idea of Don being "alone."

  • Joan's front and center


    Image via AMC

    Looks like Joan's grappling with some kind of internal battle. Could have to do with what went down last season/her path to partnership at SDCP?

  • Peggy's boss Ted makes another appearance


    Image via AMC

    Who didn't feel the flirtatious tension between Peggy and Ted crackling last week?! Seems like we're going to get even more clues as to who is interested in who this week.

  • Megan looking noticebly dressed down


    Image via AMC

    What is this outfit and makeup-less face all about?! She must be in character for her soap opera. Maybe we'll see her "in action" on set.

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