Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson May Be Headed for Another Separation

kristen stewartJudging from recent reports about how Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson celebrated her birthday, it looks like their relationship couldn't be in better shape. But of course, there's always an undercurrent of negative buzz about whether or not they'll be able to keep it together.

The latest: A source claims that "this is by far the happiest Kristen has ever been and she's more in love with Rob than ever," but she's "absolutely dreading having to say goodbye to him when he leaves for his next project." After only just returning from filming The Rover in Australia, RPattz may be leaving again next month to start filming David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars.


Well, who wouldn't be totally bummed if their boyfriend had to pack up and live on a different continent or even just another state or Canada for work for months on end? Especially if your relationship had never been better and then boom -- time to go, honey! It's gotta be rough on them.

But most couples have to deal with and find the best way to work around conflicting, at times chaotic work schedules. (Especially Hollywood couples!) And when you're able to figure out how to keep your relationship ticking despite the time apart, it makes it even stronger. Plus, learning how to be more independent of one another can bolster your bond. (Wasn't it just a couple of months ago that we heard Kristen was reclaiming her "independent nature" thanks to having some solo time?)

And ultimately, you've gotta respect your partner's career moves ... as long as they're factoring you into them and treating the relationship like a priority, too, of course!

In the end, I'd venture to guess that despite any fears one or both of them may have about spending more time apart, Robsten's got it under control. Then again, Cronenberg told the press he wanted to film in L.A., so maybe this rumor is total bunk, and Rob may not be not going anywhere after all?!

How do you deal with balancing work and your relationship?

Image via Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

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