Comedian Jonathan Winters Dies: Remember Him With These 7 Hilarious Clips (VIDEOS)

jonathan wintersComedian Jonathan Winters, who was most famous for his stints on the Tonight Show and Mork and Mindy, died at home Thursday of natural causes at the age of 87. Winters was a beloved funnyman with razor sharp wit and timing whom Albert Brooks said "invented a new category of comedic genius." While he never had a breakout role, he was wildly known and appreciated for his comedy albums and character parts. With just one eyebrow raise, he could have you doubled over in stitches.

No matter if you're a giant Winters fan or just hearing of him for the first time, these 7 funniest clips of his will make you dearly miss the old bastard.


His roast of Johnny Carson is a classic:

The man could literally make improv with a pen and pencil hilarious:

Here's his classic gas station explosion scene from It's a Mad, Mad World:

He was a "mystery challenger" on What's My Line and killed it:

A recent interview he gave about improv and Shakespeare:

And who could forget his roast of Ronald Reagan:

Finally, his routine with Dean Martin is a must-see:

Winters' wife Eileen died in 2009; he is survived by two sons and five grandchildren.

Were you a fan of Jonathan Winters?


Photo via mlstarosta/YouTube

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