Kris Humphries Sued & Is a No-Show in Court, Making Him Look Like a Total Deadbeat

kris humphriesLooks like Kris Humphries is getting plenty of court experience these days -- and I don't mean the kind you play ball in. The Brooklyn Nets power forward is being sued by a boutique owner for a deal gone wrong. Not only that, he was a no-show for a mandatory court appearance in the divorce case against ex Kim Karadashian.


Beverly Hills store owner Scott Hill is suing Kris for allegedly backing out of a back-office deal. According to Hill, the NBA star was supposed to introduce him to two other NBA players, and in return, he would receive 30 percent off all items in the swank store. Sounds like the kind of merger momager Kris Jenner is an expert at negotiating for her girls, don't you think? Well, apparently Kris didn't hold up his end of the bargain. He got the huge discount on over $46,000 in gear but didn't hook Hill up with any other players. He claims Kris owes him $6,000 for suits and another $52,000 in damages.

This certainly makes Humphries seem like a deadbeat. But who can blame him. After spending all that time with the Kardashian crew, he probably got used to getting stuff for a deep discount, if not for free. They are all walking billboards for everything from nail polish to shoes to credit cards. So while the made-for-TV relationship was a total sham, it probably came with a ton of nice perks. I guess Kim isn't the only thing he has to figure out how to live without.

The guy's clearly having a tough time. He failed to show up for a mandatory settlement conference scheduled in L.A. today. According to TMZ, sources said he was in New York and looked "extremely upset." I am sure that is not going to help him in that ongoing legal battle with his ex. I can't help but feel a bit sorry for him. His life is turning into one embarrassing mess after another.

Do you think Kris should have to pay that boutique owner?

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