‘Twilight’ Star Nikki Reed Gets a Drastic New Haircut (PHOTO)

nikki reedTwilight star Nikki Reed needed a drastic change, and fast. After landing a new movie role that's totally different from anything else she's ever done, the 24-year-old actress told Us Weekly she wanted something that'd make her feel and look like a different person. Well, mission accomplished. Nikki cut 12 inches off her hair and is now rocking a slightly longer version of the Karlie, which I like to call the Keira.


Nikki's soft waves that hit just above the shoulder are reminiscent of Keira Knightly's hairstyle and Emma Stone's, as well. But just because some famous women have blazed the trail before her, it doesn't make the decision to chop it all off any less scary.

Nikki knew that the big change could go horribly, horribly wrong, so she didn't want her hairstylist mom to do it, lest she'd hate the bitch forever who was responsible for her hideous chop job.

She had her stylist friend man the scissors, and thankfully, Nikki's happy with the cut, is happy with her mom, and is happy with her stylist friend, too. Win, win, win.

But when Nikki's ready to grow it out, she shouldn't ask Michelle Williams for advice. The Oz the Great and Powerful actress recently carved off her hair again after hating that in-between stage of short and long hair.

Something tells me Nikki will be OK, though. It sounded like she needed a cut -- her long hair was so damaged that they couldn't donate it -- and plus, it suits her. It looks so fresh!

Well done, Nik.

Have you ever chopped off a significant amount of your hair?


Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

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