Kim Kardashian Goes Back to a Smart Pregnancy Style Trick -- What a Relief!

Kim KardashianWhew! It sure took long enough, but judging from Kim Kardashian's latest maternity looks, it appears as though she is finally able to breathe freely again. (What a difference a little oxygen makes.)

Kim was spotted wearing two different comfortable-looking outfits while out and about in L.A. this week, and it's clear that she's finally surrendered to her growing baby bump and refuses to keep it confined any longer.

First, she donned leggings and a sheer, stretchy, black top for a trip to the gym. Second, she was seen in a flowy, loose black dress paired with a long cardigan.


And it's really hard not to notice how much more relaxed, content, and (dare I say it?) normal she looks than she has in previous weeks. Instead of being all cooped up in leather, lace, and everything in between -- Kim's finally given up on looking trendy in favor of wearing movable, breathable fabrics, and they're definitely working for her.

She's also gone back to a foolproof style trick she was using at the very beginning of her pregnancy -- wearing black from head to toe in lieu of bright colors.

Duh, black is very slimming. And considering how much heat poor Kim has taken for gaining weight during her pregnancy (which is absolutely ridiculous), I'm sure she wants to minimize her size as much as she possibly can from here on out. By sticking to black, she appears much smaller, and she also doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, so maybe she won't have to worry about being photographed as often. (A girl can dream.)

Hopefully now that Kim can breathe again, she'll quit worrying about being fashionable -- at least until her little one makes his or her entrance in July. After that, I'm sure we can anticipate leather making a comeback.

What kind of clothes have you found most comfortable during your pregnancy?


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