Kim Kardashian Could Be Forced to Admit Her Show Is Fake in Divorce Trial

Kim KardashianHold onto your hats everybody, the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce trial could bring something shocking to light -- that much of the show is fake! GASP! Yes, there are probably many of you out there who will be surprised to hear this, though I'm not sure you'd admit it. The divorce trial has already deposed one of the Kardashian producers, who admitted that much of the show is "scripted, reshot, and edited" and that at least two scenes were edited in such a way as to make Kris Humphries appear in a bad light. Hey, did Kris think this show was called Keeping Up With Humps? Of course he wasn't going to be the hero.


The divorce trial centers around whether or not Kim Kardashian tricked Kris Humphries into a fake marriage for her TV show. He wants this proven so they can get an annulment. I'm not sure why Kim Kardashian won't just agree and let him get an annulment, except for the fact that that would mean admitting that she entered into a false marriage for ratings. But everyone thinks that anyway, and she's already said that the show contributed to her rushing to the altar, what's the point in continuing to deny it?

That said, much of the trial will apparently have to do with how scripted and fake the show actually is -- and whether or not Kris knew that going in. For instance, according to RadarOnline, one of the scenes in question is one where Kim tells her mother Kris that she wants a divorce from her husband (also named Kris!). The scene was supposed to take place in a limo in Dubai, but in reality, it was filmed on a Hollywood sound stage. Says a source:

Kim is freaking out that she is going to be forced to testify that aspects of the Kardashian reality show are fake.

I have no doubt most, if not all, of the show is scripted. Do you really think producers are going to pay union cameramen good money to sit around for 15 hours just HOPING something interesting happens?

About a year ago, I was filming a reality series of my own, which never made it to air. I had to meet with my writer before the show. We discussed plotlines. During the filming, I was never asked to read from a script, but each scene was shot a few different times, and I just said the same thing all over again. Reality shows are kind of a hybrid of fake and real. They're reak.

But I remember the days when I thought reality TV was real too. I remember being disillusioned at rumors that The Hills was fake!

That said, I have no idea how Kris Humphries can claim he had no idea that the show wasn't all "reality" TV. Surely, he reshot scenes and said his "lines" several times in different ways. Maybe he thought everything was fake -- except the marriage. And when Kim rejected him, it became easier to believe the whole thing was rigged than that her feelings changed?

Do you care if the show is fake or real?


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