LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian’s Marriage Sitcom Sounds Like a Train Wreck

Leann Rimes & Eddie CibrianJust when I was all proud of LeAnn Rimes for putting on a few pounds and taking a step back with all of this Brandi Glanville drama, I'm shaking my head again. We laughed last week when news broke that LeAnn was shopping her own reality TV show to a few networks. Today, we have some more details that'll make you wonder what won't people put on TV these days? Get this: LeAnn isn't just shopping a reality show featuring her and husband Eddie Cibrian. Nope. She's shopping a sitcom.

I WISH I was joking. A source tells Us that the couple would ideally play versions of themselves on a scripted comedy show based on their lives together, "kind of like Curb Your Enthusiasm." Surprise surprise: The show will feature a CRAZY ex-wife.

Oh god. Brandi's gotta LOVE this.


I'm sorry -- maybe I missed the part where LeAnn and her husband were totally skillfully trained actors that deserve their own show? I'd sooner WANT to watch a reality show based on their lives where they don't have to put me through 30 minutes of horrible acting. Besides, a day in the life of LeAnn Rimes has enough drama as it is, doesn't it?

It's like this "scripted comedy" is solely to poke at Brandi Glanville's ego, and I think that's just ridiculous. Instead of focusing on the past and trying to cash in on an awkward situation that's already gotten TOO much media attention, I suggest LeAnn and her husband move forward. Trust me, it's a MUCH better idea and will save yourselves the awkward embarrassment of a flopping "sitcom."

Would you watch LeAnn & Eddie's sitcom? Do you think it's a horrible idea?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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