Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth's Wedding May Be Sooner Rather Than Later

miley cyrus liam hemsworthMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have had a rough last couple of months, but despite the breakup rumors, they're apparently NOT postponing their wedding. In fact, according to a source heard from, the wedding is "still on. They haven't cancelled anything." And that's because Miley "knows they're meant to be together forever, so there's no point in waiting." Aww. No -- really! That's sweet.

Still, the same source spills, “Miley’s management team has been begging her to push it forward. They want her to wait two years!” Eek, that's a while. It may make sense from a career perspective -- and also given that they've been having issues. But then again ... there's never a "perfect" time for any couple to tie the knot.


If skeptics are discouraging the couple from taking to the aisle now, because they've suffered bumps in the road as of late, that's a lame excuse. The lead-up to a wedding is not always perfect. Being engaged doesn't prevent life from occasionally throwing a wrench in the fairytale from time to time. But at the end of the day, you have to be able to tell the difference among external stress, an actual relationship problem, and a compatibility issue.

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From what I can tell, like Miley and Liam are actually really happy together and have been able to make their relationship work for several years now. Maybe stress related to the wedding or their careers or jealousy or who knows what has made it harder than usual lately, but that's not necessarily a reason to slow down. And definitely not a reason to call it quits.

Ultimately, if they want to make it work, they will. And when or where or how they decide to say "I do" should be entirely up to them alone.

Do you think Miley and Liam should wait to get married or do it on their own time?


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