Open Letter to Amanda Bynes From a Fan Who Doesn’t Think You’re Crazy

Amanda BynesHey Amanda,

Long time no see. Well, not really, I see you in the tabloids basically every day. I was talking about on television. And in the movies. Whatever, you know what I mean.

It's funny writing you this letter because I was actually a huge fan of yours as a little kid. I really looked up to you. I watched All That and The Amanda Show religiously. And I was a frequent visitor of (Which is still an active website today. Seriously though, who is running that site?)

But anyway, let's not beat around the bush here. You haven't really had the best of luck with the media lately. But I'm writing to tell you, well ... that people suck. Of course, that doesn't mean you suck. Not at all.


My advice to you would be to stop caring what others think about you. I know, I know ... easier said than done. And if I were in your shoes, I don't think I'd be able to handle it either. I'm sure it's hard to Google your own name and see articles written about you that are hurtful -- so hopefully this one comes up on your search instead. Because honestly? I'm on Team Amanda. And I'd love to see you make a comeback and prove everybody else wrong.

What you may not realize is that everyone is a little weird. And not just in Hollywood either. Me. I'm weird! And if there were camera guys following me everywhere I went and anyone cared, holy shit, there would be crazy stories about me, too! Believe me, we all have our weird moments and "off days" -- you are not alone. I mean, just look at Lady Gaga. She makes a living by wearing dresses made out of meat. And nobody is hating on her, now are they?

So Amanda, in an effort to stop caring what others are saying, I want to challenge you to stop defending yourself. You don't need to! I say, do whatever you want, wear whatever you want, say whatever you want -- but OWN IT. You don't owe anybody any excuses. Want to wear a fun wig? Go for it. No one had a problem when Kim Kardashian wanted to do it. After all, people are going to talk regardless.

And whether you believe it or not, you still have a lot of people rooting for you. (Including me -- hello!) So if and when you decide to (voluntarily) come back into the public eye, we'll be more than happy to welcome you back.

Now I feel like an awkward 10-year-old trying to figure out a way to end this fan letter. Sooooo, um ... write me back?



Image via AmandaBynes/Twitter

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