Disney ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoof Will Make You Beg for a Beheading (VIDEO)

Disney Game of ThronesGame of Thrones fans know that the series is, well, the exact opposite of a Disney fairy tale. Minus the fact that everyone's very, very, very good-looking. There is no spontaneous bursting out into song, there is no happily ever after, the heroes die, the spouses of the heroes die, the animals aren't all cute and cuddly, there's lots of unrequited love, there's blood, gore, beheadings, boobs, there's King Joffrey. These worlds could never possibly collide, could they?

Um, turns out, since this is the day and age of the Internet upon which anything is possible, it can! Someone or someones out there decided to "Disney"-fy Game of Thrones, and what they've come up with is ... kind of funny? Nauseating? Weird? Clever? All of the above?

A gorgeous blonde girl as Daenerys Targaryen and a gorgeous brunette man as Jorah Mormont belt out a duet called "Across the Sea", just like you'd see in a Disney movie. The things that exist. 


Here you go:

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that both these actors are gorgeous and they have great, typically pure Disney voices. (Well ... Evelina Barry plays Daenerys and Peter Hollens plays Jorah Mormont, although Elizabeth Oldak provides Daenerys's singing voice. Typical Disney trickery!) Still, I think I'd much rather see a love duet between Dany and Drogo ... and a really cute, cuddly dragon or two.

And wouldn't it be freakin' fantastic if they made some little blonde kid dress up like Joffrey to play the villain? Joffrey bursting out into song flailing his crossbow around might be the most epic thing ever seen on YouTube. Someone get on that.

Plus, Jorah screaming out, "Khaleesi!!!" there at the end might have been a much welcomed touch too.

Okay then, you can go about your day now.

Time to show your kids the Disney-fied version of Game of Thrones?


Image via AVByte/YouTube

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