Joe Jonas Declines Fan’s Invite But His Hilarious Counteroffer Is Way Better (VIDEO)

Joe JonasI'm not automatically charmed by fan-created YouTube prom/dance invitations sent to celebrities (sometimes they seem more manipulative/creepy than adorable, you know what I mean?), but I have to admit that Pepperdine University student Shaina Kohli put together a pretty great clip for Joe Jonas when she asked him to her senior formal. It was so cute, in fact, that not only did Joe Jonas respond with a counter-invite for her to attend a Jonas Brothers concert -- he also surprised her in person on the Today show to ask her to be his special guest.

That would make a sweet little feel-good story on its own, but what's really amazing about the whole thing is the video Jonas made for Shaina. It is, without a doubt, the most hilariously awesome response a celebrity has EVER made to a YouTube invitation.


Let's start with Shaina's invitation, which she posted on April 2. She titled the video "Come to Formal With me Joe Jonas," and in it she conducts a sort of tour around her campus as she asks various fellow students to help her explain why Jonas should accept her offer. It's pretty cute, especially the bloopers at the end -- check it out:

Well, she got at least part of her wish, because Joe Jonas did in fact see the invitation. Sadly, he had to politely decline, but he didn't exactly do so via a tweet or a statement from his PR firm. No, he made his own elaborate public video counteroffer, and you are definitely going to want to see this:

Okay, I don't know what I love more: him reclining in that Wonderbread-branded racing suit as jazz plays in the background? His hilariously fake-sleazy voice? The part where he's pumping iron? The creepy whisper at the end?

The whole thing is total genius, and while I'm sure it was more of a brilliantly-executed public relations move than a personal desire to make one fan happy, it really doesn't matter: everyone wins! Particularly Shaina, who now gets to accompany him to the opening Jonas Brothers' concert in Chicago on July 10.

Not only that, but she got to extend her 15 minutes of Jonas-driven fame today on the Today show, when he actually surprised her in the crowd -- while wearing a disguise! -- and repeated his invitation in person.

Joe is officially the dreamiest of all the previously-interchangeable-to-me Jonases, and I believe Shaina herself has a promising career in entertainment. Well played, everyone ... well played.

What do you think of Joe Jonas's response to this fan?

Image via YouTube

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