Ian Somerhalder's New Confession Confirms He's Prepared to Play Christian Grey

ian somerhalderIan Somerhalder is the perfect Christian Grey as far as many Fifty Shades of Grey fans are concerned, and now he's gone and proven that he may be even more cut out for the role than his followers initially thought. The Vampire Diaries hottie recently shared 25 things we don't know about him with Us Weekly ...

While quite a few of them offer interesting insight into who the actor really is -- a man deeply committed to "sustainability, education, innovation, and compassion [for] progress on our planet" who loves to chow down on Cap'n Crunch -- #17 speaks volumes about just how prepared he is for the coveted part.


Ian confesses, "The women in my life have had the most impact on who I am today." Oh, reeeally?! He may be fictional, but the same is most definitely true of Christian Grey ... Elena Lincoln deeply influenced who he becomes in the books, for better or worse. What's more, simply be able to respect and understand women puts Ian in a fab position to vie for Christian. After all, the character is downright iconic to female fans at this point. So, whoever takes on the role is going to have to know how to live up to that. Who better than someone who credits the women in his life (I'm guessing that means Nina Dobrev, his mom, etc.) with shaping his identity? See, it just adds up!

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And if #17 doesn't make a strong enough case for Ian to take on Christian, consider #7: He flew 83 times last year! Hello, Charlie Tango! Or #13: "When I need to get away, I hook my Airstream trailer to my Audi hybrid and disappear deep into the wilderness."

Seems like the perfect fit to me!

What do you think makes Ian a strong candidate to play Christian Grey?

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