'Glee' Star Naya Rivera Is in a Big, New Relationship With a Rapper

naya rivera big seanCeleb new couple alert! Looks like Glee's Santana Naya Rivera has a new man ... None other than rapper Big Sean. The couple made their official debut on the red carpet of the L.A. premiere of 42 yesterday when they showed up holding hands and posing for pictures with their arms around one another. Awww!

It's not like this news comes from completely out of the blue, though. Naya was recently in on a surprise birthday party for Sean in Vegas on March 25. At the time, Sean tweeted, "@nayarivera was in on it too, lookin good. I really had no idea about this." Then, the day after the party, Naya posted a snapshot of them and wrote, “Such a good picture from last night. Best surprise ever!” Adorbs!

The timing and the coupling make perfect sense.


What I mean is ... Naya's probably been watching co-stars Lea Michele and Heather Morris enjoying their long-term relationships (with Cory Monteith, obv, and Taylor Hubbell) for a while now and maybe wanted her own cut of some lovin', schmoopy action.

Plus, Big Sean's perfect, because he's in a fab position to contribute to Glee and/or support Naya's music career. Not to mention that he's a hottie ... with a certain reputation that, err, proceeds him. It's nice to see that Naya's with him despite (or as a result of?! haha) all the very public brouhaha about his nether regions that went down last year. Then again, revealing pics of celebs that go public don't seem to stand in the way of them having committed, down-to-earth relationships, right? Just look at Jenelle Evans and Kim Kardashian!

Ha, I kid! Seriously, it seems like these two are incredibly happy and having a blast together. More power to 'em. Fingers crossed they can defy showbiz stereotypes and make it last!

What do you think about this new celeb coupling?

Image via John Salangsang | LEP | Splash

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