Kristen Stewart's Birthday Plans Make Us Believe She & Robert Pattinson Just Might Stay Together

Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartMan, what a difference a few months make, huh? Kristen Stewart has gone from the lowest point in her life to one of the highest, now that she and Robert Pattinson are back together and in love and happy again. And to celebrate her 23rd birthday yesterday, she supposedly had a dinner party at her house in L.A. -- but the festivities haven't stopped there.

Supposedly the celebration will continue the rest of this week into the weekend, ending with Kristen renting a house near Coachella for a big party with a bunch of her friends.

In case you aren't familiar with Coachella, it's a huge music festival out in Cali. Plenty of celeb-types will probably be there. (Google it.)


Geez. I'm guessing this is one of those weeks when it really pays to be good pals with Rob and Kristen. Who wouldn't want to stay in some big fancy house and see a bunch of great bands and party all weekend? (Must be nice.)

Like the majority of the general population, I haven't had high hopes as far as Kristen and Rob staying together for the long haul goes, but in the past few weeks, things do seem to be taking a turn in their favor.

They've been practically inseparable since he got back from Australia, and they're doing normal things like a normal couple -- which leads me to wonder if they just might work after all. Even the fact that they've been hanging out with friends instead of holing up behind closed doors alone makes me think that things between them are good again -- as strange as that may sound.

Of course, there's always the chance that one of them will do something stupid at Coachella and by next week they'll be headed straight for a split again. (You never know with these two.)

Do you think Rob and Kristen are on the right path this time around?


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