Kourtney Kardashian Loves Her Tan, But She's Not Supposed to Admit That (PHOTO)

kardashianKourtney Kardashian recently posted an adorable photo of herself to Instagram, along with the caption: "A tan is the best accessory for any outfit! Do you agree?"

While Kourtney always looks fab and put-together, I have to say: Yes! I agree, Kourtney! A tan is the best accessory! Samesies!


I'm going to say something controversial here: I love a tan. Like, really love. And I hate, hate, hate the fact that two of my true loves in life -- heat and a glowy, bronzed complexion -- are bad for me. Wait, are they bad? We want vitamin D, right? Actually, we need it? And we have a certain period of time each day we're allowed to be in the sunlight? But then we have to get out? Or we'll be wrinkly and get a horrible disease? Or melt? Gah, so confusing! No, but, seriously: I love a tan. It can make you look fresh and well-rested no matter what. Sweatpants and a tan? Gorgeous! Unwashed hair and a tan? Tre chic.

Do I go to tanning salons? No. In the winter months I'm pale as the day is long. But in the summer, I cannot tell a lie: I sneak in a "laying out" session here and there when I can. And I wait about 15 minutes before putting any sunscreen on. I know.

The spray tans and bronzers -- they're cool and all, but they're just not the same. Nothing beats a real tan, guys. Take it from me and Kourtney. Two great minds of our time.

Do you tan?

Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

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