Lindsay Lohan Cries on 'David Letterman' & Makes Us Believe in Her Again (VIDEO)

lindsay lohanI've always felt like David Letterman is a dude I could totally hang with, you know? The word "simpatico" comes to mind. Anyway, after watching his interview with Lindsay Lohan last night, I'm convinced Dave and I could be buds -- because while he poked plenty of fun at her, um, colorful track record and upcoming stint in rehab ("You know I routinely make jokes about you and your activities, true and otherwise, right? You are aware of that?"), he made one thing perfectly clear: David Letterman is rooting for Lindsay Lohan. He believes in her. And the truth is, I do too. Especially after the way she handled herself on the Late Show.


I mean, it was clear that LiLo wasn't exactly thrilled when Dave brought up her history of misdemeanors, but she took the turn of conversation in stride without missing a beat: "I thought this was gonna be vodka," she quipped after taking a sip from the mug on Dave's desk. "Shucks!" And not only was she completely willing to goof around, she was equally sincere when Dave started asking serious questions -- I'm assuming because Dave is a recovered alcoholic himself and spoke without a trace of condescension ("Hey, I've done my time") and because he chose to actually give the girl some credit for having "enough spine, enough sense of yourself, enough poise to come out here and talk to me."

That was the moment when Lohan teared up -- moved, I'm sure, by a combination of Letterman's words (probably the first kind words she's heard in a while) and the audience's reaction: Thunderous applause.

If you haven't seen the interview, this entire clip is really worth watching -- with any luck, it just might represent the turning point in Lohan's life:

What do you think?

Will Lindsay Lohan's next stint in rehab be a success?


Image via CBS/YouTube

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