Kim Kardashian Sends Kate Middleton a Baby Gift but Gets Nothing in Return

Kim Kardashian

Having babies really has a way of bringing women together and turning them into lifelong friends when they previously had next to nothing in common. I know when I was expecting, I felt immediately drawn to any other gal with a baby bump -- like we were magically connected or something.

And based on a new report saying Kim Kardashian sent Kate Middleton a baby gift -- it sounds like she's feeling closer to the Duchess than ever before and is sincerely hoping to strike up a friendship.

Can you blame her? If I were preggo right now, I'd want to be besties with Kate too. (Who wouldn't?)


Supposedly Kim was pretty stoked when she found out that her baby and Kate's are due to arrive right around the same time. And that's why, according to a source, "She had her PA write a kind, warm note to Kate, enclosing a gift for the future heir to the throne and explaining they were both due in July."

And she also reportedly included bits about how she plans on decorating her baby nursery, you know, because maybe Kate will be inspired by the rubies and moonstones motif Kim is planning on using and do up the palace nursery the same way. As crazy as it sounds, I guess it is possible that their babies' rooms could be decorated similarly. Both are going to be born under the astrological sign Cancer, hence the rubies and moonstones, which are Cancer gems. If Kate digs the whole metaphysical thing, perhaps Kim's nursery theme will seem quite appealing? (Doubtful, but not impossible.)

Ok, back to the gift. There aren't any details as far as what Kim specifically sent for Kate's baby, but regardless of what was in the package, you have to admit it was a nice gesture.

Granted, Kim has been more than a little obsessed with Kate over the past couple of years, so I guess giving her a baby gift could be seen as a little creepy and borderline stalker-ish. But what's really kind of sad is the fact that as of yet, Kate hasn't responded or reached out to Kim in return.

I don't care how royal she is -- don't you think she could've at least dropped a thank-you note in the mail? She is the future Queen of England, for God's sake, so isn't at least offering a few words of gratitude the polite thing to do?

Maybe there's still time. Maybe Kate will surprise Kim and show up at her baby shower or something fun like that and then they'll hug and get all weepy and vow that their babies will grow up together and be the best of friends for the rest of their lives.

(Or maybe not.)

Do you think it's strange for Kim to send Kate a baby gift?


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