Tom Cruise Says Divorce From Katie Holmes Was Totally Unexpected

Tom Cruise Katie HolmesTom Cruise has spoken out about his divorce for the first time, and it looks like their split didn't just take the public by surprise -- it apparently came as a shock to Tom as well. "I didn't expect it," he confessed on German television, sounding like any other divorcee who has been blindsided by a spouse's decision to end the relationship. He went on:

"To be 50 and to have experiences and to think you have a grip on everything, and then it hits you -- this is it, what life can do to you. Life is a tragicomedy. You need to have a sense of humor."

Wow, I almost feel bad for Tom Cruise.


Tom comes across as controlling, emotionally distant, and a workaholic, but that doesn't mean he's not human. I'm sure he genuinely believes that Scientology is the rescue remedy for the world's ills. When he talks about Katie like this, you can almost glimpse the raw humanity beneath his wild-eyed, couch-jumping, Scientology-rambling Xenuosity.

From the sound of it, Tom is just a guy who got his heart broken. He went on to say that his divorce gave him a lot of time to contemplate his marriage, and when asked what conclusions he came to, he says, "Life is a challenge."

That's about it. Sometimes -- most times -- you can ponder and ponder and get no real answers. Why'd she leave? Why'd she want that Dawson's Creek movie when I told her how bad that would be for her career? Or, Why'd he jump on Oprah's couch, didn't he know how silly that looked? What's up with those audits? Why does he want to send Suri to Sea Org? You know, these are the questions that try lovers' souls.

It sounds like Tom genuinely didn't see the divorce coming. Just like Nicole Kidman has always said she didn't see their divorce coming from Tom. I don't know if Scientologists believe in karma, but maybe they should.


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