If Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Got Matching Tattoos, They're Doomed Just Like These Former Celeb Couples

kristen stewart robert pattinsonFirst and foremost, a very happy birthday to Kristen Stewart. Without her, I'm sure the Internet would be 91 percent porn instead of only 90. So, thanks, KStew, you rock. Now that that's out of the way, let's gossip about her life with Robert Pattinson, and this wedding they were at in Texas over the weekend, and what the hell she was doing at a tattoo parlor.


Apparently, Kristen got a little restless in Marfa (the town in western Texas that was the spot of her friend's nuptials) and drove two hours to El Paso to Sun City tattoo parlor. It was a couple of fans who spotted her there and subsequently uploaded their pic with the actress to Twitter, natch.

So did KStew get some ink? Dunno. Was RPattz there? Not sure. But, I do know that if those two decided to get matching or otherwise coordinating tattoos, they're in deep trouble. Celebs who get inked together never stay together!

Remember when a goth Angelina Jolie had Billy Bob Thorton's name tattooed above a dragon on her bicep? Yeah, that ended well. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline inked matching pink and blue dice on their wrists after tying the knot. That was smart.

Brody Jenner, whom I'm taking great liberty calling him a celebrity, has a thing for getting tattoos with his girlfriends. He and Avril Lavigne tattooed each other's names on their bodies, he also did the same with girlfriend Jayde Nicole. Brody's currently single.

Eva Longoria and ex-husband Tony Parker also likely regret their decision to share some ink, same with Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, and Christina Aguilera and ex Jordan Bratman.

And most recently, it's been reported that Russell Brand is having a tattoo removed that he got with ex-wife Katy Perry just after announcing their engagement.

So, Rob and Kristen, slow your roll on the matching tattoo idea. For most stars, it's the ink of death.

Do you think matching tattoos are a good idea?


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