Which New Alexander Skarsgard Movie Role Is Hotter: Cheating (Shirtless) Husband or Anarchist Leader? (VIDEOS)

alexander skarsgard chestWe have to wait another two months to see what Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman isn't wearing is up to on True Blood season 6, and yes, waiting sucks, but thankfully the swoon-worthy Swede has been keeping busy during his Bon Temps hiatus: Skarsgard is starring in two upcoming films, The East (co-starring Ellen Can't-Possibly-Be-Dating-Alexander-Skarsgard Page) and Disconnected, co-starring Jason Bateman (phew!). The films are similar in that they both present a dystopian sort of view of modern society gone horribly wrong: Disconnected is described as the story of "interconnected characters who are affected -- and in some cases destroyed -- by the Internet and other forms of modern communication"; The East "follows the exploits of an anarchist collective of the same name which ... attacks global conglomerates who have committed a range of environmental, medical, and social injustices."


Honestly, both movies look pretty damn good, and I'm not just saying that because of ASkars. But since we're talking about him anyway, let's see which of his characters -- rebel leader Benji in The East or philandering former Marine Derek Hull in Disconnected -- has more in common with the real Alexander Skarsgard?

Derek Hull is a former Marine.

Alexander Skarsgard spent over a year as an anti-terrorist soldier in the Swedish army.

Derek Hull is emotionally cut off from his wife, which leads to an affair that turns dangerous when his secrets are exposed online.

On the subject of infidelity, Skarsgard had this to say: "I’ve never cheated and it will rain in hell before I do."

Benji skillfully uses social media to spread his group's message around the world.

On the subject of social media, Skarsgard had this to say: "I’m still learning. It’s amazing that you can take a picture with your phone and someone in Nebraska can see that?"

Derek Hull wears frumpy polo shirts (see pic below). 

Alexander Skarsgard usually doesn't wear any shirt at all. (Shhh! Don't ruin my fantasy!)

alexander skarsgard disconnect

I'm thinking maybe ASkars doesn't have much in common with either of these characters. But check out the trailers and see what you think. First, Disconnect:

And now, The East:

Which Alexander Skarsgard character do you think is hotter?

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