Jenelle Evans’ Rehab Diary Leaked to the Internet by Who?!

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans must have her local cops on speed dial by now. The Teen Mom 2 star has reported yet another friend to police, this time for allegedly stealing her diary and sharing it with the world. Asked about the diary, she admitted it was hers ... and said friend Julia Knowles is going to be facing larceny charges. Some friendship, huh?

To be fair, the entry puts Jenelle in a rather sticky position.


She told the world she had left rehab a few months back because she wasn't addicted to drugs and didn't feel she needed it, but now we have a confession in Jenelle's own handwriting that things went down rather differently:

This is like the crazy mental hospital I was involuntarily committed to. They wake us up at 6am for group therapy but I never go. They only gave me some of my belongings. Supposedly tomorrow I'm going to the actual rehab facility across town and they said it's extremely nice. If I don't like it there then I'm going back home, no questions asked. This isn't like anything I expected.

Jenelle is owning that she said those things; she has to in order to take Knowles to the cops. But it's hard to tell if Jenelle is really taking ownership of this situation because she sincerely feels it's an offense of criminal proportions or just another wrong to milk for sympathy.

Yes, it sucks to have your diary stolen, but it's a dang diary. This isn't middle school. You don't go tell the teacher. You call your friend out for being a jerk, and you drop the friend. Situation over.

Jenelle Evans, on the other hand, picks up the phone to call the cops for just about everything, and her friends do the same. She's been in and out of courtrooms and police stations more times than we can count since Teen Mom first hit the air.

Sometimes it's warranted. You don't just let a guy beat you up and drop it.

But the message that she's sending with a call to the cops is rather muted when she lets those people right back into her life. Look at husband Courtland Rogers. The two are hitting the beach with little Jace today, one day after the dude pleaded GUILTY to battery of their unborn child.

It's as though she feels that the cops can wipe the slate for her with her buddies, and she can just go back to being besties as if nothing ever happened.

Here's an idea: if you think something is bad enough to warrant criminal charges, get that rotten apple out of your life. Otherwise, don't waste the cops' and the court's time because today you're pissed and tomorrow you won't be.

How long until you see Jenelle and Julia as best buds again?


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