Prince William Wants to Film Kate Middleton Giving Birth, But She Hates the Idea

kate middletonPerhaps the media has just painted him this way, but Prince William seems like one enthusiastic dad-to-be. Not only did he recently leap across a room to swat an appetizer-sized turkey sandwich out of Kate Middleton's hands (no, he didn't), he also wants to film the Duchess giving birth. But as for Kate? She's not feeling the idea.


According to a friend of the royal couple's: "Deep down Kate's dreading the idea of a recording being in existence and then getting into the wrong hands, but Wills is convinced she’ll have a change of heart on the big day." Will -- I wouldn't hold your breath, buddy. After Kate's topless photo scandal, it's unlikely the Duchess will have any of her private parts filmed in the near future. And furthermore, who can blame a lady for not wanting to be filmed while she gives birth?

I know many women who have had the birth of their children filmed. I, however, was not one of them. To be honest, the idea was never even brought up with my husband and me, as he was the only person who was going to be in the delivery room with me and he obviously didn't want to be the person filming. Also, I felt that having a camera in the room might make me feel a little uncomfortable or self-conscious, and I knew that was the absolute last thing I needed in that moment. It was a non-issue for us.

That said, though, I'd maybe consider filming my next birth, were I to get pregnant again. I've already been there, done that, so I know what to expect. I imagine I'll feel more confident next go 'round, being that there's less mystery. (I'm just not sure who would film it!) It has to be an amazing thing to be able to see the very moment you came into world.

But I'm not royalty. I'm not even a little famous. So the low-grade worry of the video getting into the wrong person's hands isn't there at all.

Kate, if you're not the idea, stick to your guns. I'm sure everything would be fine and the video would be kept safe, but if a clip of you giving birth ever did get out, the Internet would literally break. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Did you have your birth filmed?


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