Robert Pattinson & Vince Vaughn Have a Boys' Night Out on the First Date of a Beautiful Bromance

vince vaughn robert pattinsonVince in front, RPattz in the hoodie, Joaquin with the beard.Cross my heart and hope to die: Robert Pattinson, Vince Vaughn, and Joaquin Phoenix went out together on Friday, April 5. The unlikely threesome had dinner at an L.A. restaurant with a couple other friends, but it's initially unclear how, exactly, they all know each other. Last I checked, RPattz wasn't in Old School nor The Master, and Vince and Joaquin were not, in fact, extras in Twilight.

Us Weekly points out that they do have one thing in common, though: Reese Witherspoon.


Each of the three guys have starred alongside America's sweetheart, but something tells me they didn't get together to talk about how lovely it is to work with the petite blonde, nor ask each other rhetorical questions about "how she does it."

I'm hoping that RPattz, Vince, and Joaquin did, however, break bread together because they have a project in the works. A comedy, perhaps, about three brothers who crash weddings and start age-inappropriate fraternities. Hey, if it ain't broke.

Whatever the occasion for their night out, we can only pray this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Rob could stand to see the lighter side of life, and Vince is just the man-child to make him funnel a beer in the parking lot, moon the valet, and totally forget that his girlfriend cheated on him with her co-worker in front of the whole, wide world.

As for how Joaquin fits into this promising bromance, I'm not sure, but maybe he could film the budding friendship, then promote the documentary as a bearded rapper on the brink of a real pretend mental breakdown? Fingers crossed.

Thoughts on Vince, Joaquin, and RPattz's night out?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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