Will Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Make Her the Next Kim Kardashian? ... She Wishes

Farrah AbrahamWell, it looks like Farrah Abraham may actually get what she's always wanted. Rumor has it a sex tape featuring the former Teen Mom star is being shopped to numerous porn companies. Finally! She can be as famous as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton!

Hey, it's what she seems to be gunning for, doesn't it?


Folks, if this 30-minute sex tape featuring Farrah and an as-yet-unidentified guy was something made without Farrah's knowledge or if it's a tape that's being shopped with the reality star's permission, I do indeed feel sorry for her. No one should be violated that way, no matter how famous (or infamous).

But the way TMZ tells it, this sex tape is being shopped as if it can be bought -- which would hint at Farrah giving it her stamp of approval. And as much as I hate to say it, it fits her recent M.O.

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Girlfriend has been working every angle to stay as famous as she can since Teen Mom was cancelled last year. She's put out two books. She's blogged about waxing her toddler's eyebrows. She's followed up a DUI with photos of herself drinking. And now this sex tape scandal ...

This may be the lowest of the low, but after allegedly faking a relationship with a guy just so you can get on Couples Therapy, there's really nowhere to go but down.

Sadly, when you're as addicted to milking your 15 minutes as Farrah seems to be these days, a sex tape is almost ... dare I say it ... legitimacy?

In the wacky world of reality TV it is anyway. Just look at Kim. And Paris. And Fantasia Barrino. And Spencer and Heidi. And ...

Although Farrah might want to double check her tabloids. Last time we looked, Kim is trying to DISTANCE herself from her sex tape scandal, not push it to the masses. As a mother-to-be, it's hardly the kind of thing you want to be known for.

Then again, as a mother of a toddler, it's probably not either ...

What do you think of the sex tape? Legit or not?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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