Kim Kardashian Flashes Bare Baby Bump -- Wait 'Til You See (PHOTO)

kim kardashian baby bumpLet's be honest here: It's easy to poke fun at Kim Kardashian. With her 72-day marriage, 72-inch false eyelashes, and rise to stardom all thanks to a sex tape, it doesn't take a PhD to know why she's the punchline of many-a-joke. But when you see Kim Kardashian's bare baby bump, you can't help but go, Awww! There's a wittle baby in there! How cuuuute!


Kim recently posted a photo to Instagram with her t-shirt pulled up, naked baby bump on full display, along with the caption: "Baby love." And I mean, come on, even if you're the most vehement of Kim haters, it's hard to deny the overall adorableness of this. Pregnancy! Babies! Yay!

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You know, I'm glad that Kim decided to share a picture of her pregnant belly on the Internet. Would I do that? HAHAHAHA -- no. But the woman posts 500 photos a day of her doing mind-numbingly mundane things like getting her makeup done, eating a salad, or working out -- this is at least something.

If we went the entire nine months of Kim's pregnancy without seeing a photo of her baby bump -- her actual baby bump, linea nigra and all -- I think we all would have been a bit disappointed. Okay, maybe not you, Smart Person Who Drinks Nespresso and Reads The New York Times, but the rest of us. We've been seeing Kim's growing belly stuffed into tight peplum dresses and high-waisted pants for months now. It was time for her to unleash that bump unto the world.

Congrats, Kim. That's an awfully cute belly.

Are you surprised Kim posted a baby bump pic, or are you more like, Duh?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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