Kathy Griffin's Talk Show Canceled: Look Where She's Going Next! (VIDEOS)

kathy griffin the viewAt a stand-up performance in Cincinnati on Friday night Kathy Griffin announced that her Bravo talk show had been canceled. And while there's been no further comment on the matter from her or from Bravo, it's pretty clear she wasn't joking.

The big question is: Where is she going now?

We think we know.


There are two very real possibilities: Griffin could be co-hosting of some kind of new show with Anderson Cooper or joining the lovely ladies of The View.

Last month, Griffin shot a test pilot for CNN with Cooper, whose talk show 'Anderson Live' was also recently (and conveniently) canceled. Griffin and Anderson have been doing New Year's Eve Specials on CNN for a few years now and they make a great team -- her outrageousness plays off his "proper guy" perfectly. They could make a great talk show together and give Kelly & Michael a run for their money.

Here's a little reminder of how the two of them work together:

And then, of course, there's The View. Rumors have been flying that Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Barbara Walters are leaving, but they've died down. We do know for sure, however, that Joy Behar is leaving the show, which means there's an opening for a brash red-headed comedienne and who else is there but .... Exactly. Kathy Griffin.

If she does join the morning coffee klatch and Elisabeth Hasselbeck is staying (hmmm ... maybe she was threatening to leave IF ABC hired Griffin since those two have had a long-going feud), just think of what great TV that will be. Here's a clip from 2010 when Griffin visited the show and got into a brawl little spat with Hasselbeck:


Would you rather see Kathy Griffin team up with Anderson Cooper or with the "ladies" of The View?

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